Check out our new film for the Childrens Nobel project

We are really proud to be launching the trailer for Barnens Nobel  (The Childrens Nobel). In the project, children have explored different Nobel prize winning innovations through painting  and texts. The children’s images and reflections have then been compiled into an animated audio-visual facade projection. The project had about 120 participating children. The film has english subtitles

The Trace of Light projekt film is now finished

Trace of Light connects a dancer / choreographer, a textile / costume designer, a lighting artist, a filmmaker and the development studio at the Digital Art Center at the Department of Computer and Systems Science at Stockholm University.
The project aims to explore how the dancer’s movements can create a ‘light painting’ on a facade / wall behind the dancer, in real time. Furthermore, the Trace of Light project will explore how different movement patterns correspond to the light lines that are created and how the choreography dictates specific light forms with specific movements. The project has investigated how interactive sensor-based lighting technology can be used in stage production to find new ways of visualizing movement. The result can be seen in this film.


In March 2018 we start Trace of Light

Trace of Light is an exploratory project and a collaboration between a dancer / choreographer,  a textile / costume designer, a light artist, a filmmaker and a development studio at the Digital Art Center at the Department for Computer  and Systems Science at Stockholm University. The project will continue until May 2018 and will result in a short film which will be posted on the Floating Pictures website . Our goal is that the project will eventually result in a full length dance performance.

You can read more about the project here

New Floating Pictures project: Barnens Nobel

Floating Pictures new project Barnens Nobel – The Children Nobel (working titel) is getting ready to start up and first meet up is scheduled to 6th of April at the Nobel Museum i Stockholm. To find out more, go to the project page Barnens Nobel and if you want to join the project, send us an email