The vision for Floating Digital is a mobile interactive street festival for digital art across the Nordic region. Using  harbours, ships, docks and piers, Floating Digital will transform each place into a large scale light and projection performance. Floating Pictures are collaborating with already existing festivals and organizations around the north, such as Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival, Nordic House and Northern Lights Festival in Torshavn, NAPA in Nuuk, Digital Art Center in Stockholm and Illutron in Copenhagen.

We envisage audience participation and interaction to be a large part in each Floating Digital event.  With our partners at Digital Art Center and the Department for Computer Science at Stockholm University we are currently investigating  different types of interfaces and interaction solutions such as sensors, video mapping and gesture based interaction such as Kinnect enabling the audience to be co-creators in each Floating Digital event.

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Årets Nordiske Kulturbegivenhed

2015 / 2016