Kirsten Lepore

Los Angeles

Bottle 2010, 5:25

Kirsten Lepore is a director and animator based in Los Angeles, she has a  Master of Fine Art from CalArts. She was recently featured as a rising talent in Shots Magazine, Animation Magazine, Focus Features, and is named as one of the 50 most creative people of 2011 by Creativity Magazine.  Her work has been featured at various international film festivals and won multiple awards and prizes.

Bottle is stop-motion short film which details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle.

Tone Kristin Bjordam


Critical transitions 2012, 15:00

Born 1975, Lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She graduated from National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo in 2007. Critical Transition had it’s premiere screening at ESA Conference 2012 (Ecological Society of America) in Portland, Oregon, USA and subsequently at Paradiso Concert Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and

Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Critical Transitions was shown at the international conference "Transformation in a Changing Climate" in June 2013, organized by the University of Oslo in cooperation with CICERO, Stockholm Resilience Centre, the International Social Science Council and the UN Climate Panel (IPCC). It was also selected to be shown by Rom for Kunst and Oslo Screen Festival  in July and August 2013. The art video will also be shown at the international exhibition Life Art Worldwide Showcase, Sunshine Coast, Australia, October 25 - November 3, 2013.

Critical Transitions is a collaboration between ecologist, scientist and musician Marten Scheffer from The Netherlands and Tone Kristin Bjordam. Climate, forests, coral reefs, financial markets and even our minds occasionally reach a tipping point where they go through a radical transformation. Foreseeing such critical transitions or even noticing that they are unfolding is challenging as they are embedded in the omnipresent permanent flow of change.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Me bird 2013, 2:24

18bis is a multidisciplinary design, animation and motion graphics studio based in Brazil. All 18bis mixed-media projects are born from keyframe, drawing, ink, paper and light. The Me bird has won numerous international awards and prizes.

The Me Bird is a free interpretation of the homonym poem by Pablo Neruda. The inspiration in the strata stencil technique helps conceptualize the repetition of layers as the past of our movements and actions. The frames depicted as jail and the past as a burden serve as the background for the story of a ballerina on a journey towards freedom. A diversified artistic experimentation recreates the tempest that connects bird and dancer.

Pekka Sassi


Bird  2004, 2:40

Pekka Sassi (b. 1969) is a Helsinki-based artist whose output consists of experimental sound and video works, many of which are purely sound pieces and audio installations. His works have been presented at several finnish and international festivals and he was awarded the annual AVEK Prize for audio-visual art in 2006. Best film in European Media Art Festival, Osnabrücke 2010.

Bird is a cinematographic poem, based by Contantin Brancusi’s sculpture ‘Bird in Space’

Lorenzo Fonda

Italy, Los Angeles

Ten things I have learned about the sea 2011, 10.25

Lorenzo Fonda was born in Italy in 1979. He studied at the Fabrica center for research in visual communication. He works as an artist, grafic designer, film maker, animator and documentary maker and is represented by production companies in Italy, London and New York. His dokumentary Megunica, about street artist and animator Blu went on to win several awards. In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles, where he currently lives and work. His current project is a new documentary film called Archaeology of the future, it is shot between Italy and California.

Ten things I have learned about the sea is based on footage  shot by the artist on the cargo ship "Portland Senator" on the route from Los Angeles to Shanghai, in December 2008 during 17day long trip.

Dasha Esselius


The Brainstorm 2007, 13:30

Dascha Esselius was born 1953 in Prague and moved  to Sweden in 1969.  She is based in Stockholm. Dascha works with video, photography, sound, installations, painting, sculpture and public art. In her artistic practice she explores aspects of the documentary mode; the tension between the fantastic and the realistic. She is interested in social contexts but also in the inner landscape of the imagination and especially in the interaction between these two worlds. This parallel experience was also the starting point of her work during the polar expedition Beringia in 2005, which resulted in the videos The Lace, The Brainstorm and Fruits de mer.

The Brainstorm is taken in one shot on the helicopter apron on the icebreaker Oden on her way to Wrangel Island in the Artic Ocean.

Two scientists, professors of each subject are deeply engaged in a discussion. The contact of their mines creates a flow of new, humoristic and unexpected shapes and transforms their bodies to one form which continuously mutates until everything implodes and disappears in a horizontal line. The original sound is digitally processed.

PROGRAM Floating Pictures 2013

Evert Taubes Terrass, Riddarholmen, Stockholm

Alessandro Bavari


Metachaos 2010, 8:27

Alessandro Bavari  is a videoartist based in Italy. He studied scenography, photography and history of art at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Rome. He uses digital manipulation in his art, as well as incorporating industrial and organic products from nature in the photographic process and computer digitalization, which leads to "a kind of contamination among the arts dissolving the boundaries which distinguish them".

METACHAOS is a multidisciplinary audio-visual project, articulated in a short film, a set of photography and mix-technique paintings. Metachaos, from Greek Meta (beyond) and Chaos (the abyss where the eternally-formless state of the universe hides), indicates a primordial shape of ameba, which lacks in precise morphology, and it is characterized by mutation and mitosis.
In fact the bodies represented in METACHAOS, even though they are characterized by an apparently anthropomorphous appearance, in reality they are without identity and conscience.

Samuli Alapuranen


Rovaniemi 2008 , 6:14

Samuli Alapuranen aka O Samuli A (b. 1974 in Kempele, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki as a freelance graphic designer, electronic musician and media artist.

Rovaniemi is an abstract study of a moment on a late winter’s day in Rovaniemi, Lapland.



The balance 2009, 1:30

KORB is a digital filmmaking and design company based in Lituania

The Balance is a visual representation of two opposite audio waves. It was directed by Rimantas Lukavicius with
sound design by Andrius Rugevicius

Shachindra Kumar Dass

Finland, India

Going somewhere 2012, 4:33

Shachindra Kumar Dass is a videoartist and filmmaker based in Helsinki. He was born in 1970 in India and studied visual Communication Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, specializing in Animation Film Design, Graphic Design and Video.

Going somewhere: A bridge has only two ways to go. Front and back. Watching the bidirectional simplicity of a rural Indian bridge is an intriguing experience. Going Somewhere was first screened at Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques in Marseille, France and Beirut, Lebanon

Mai Hofstad Gunnes


One day all the towers will take off 2004, 3:12

Born in 1977 in Norway, lives and works in Oslo and Berlin. She works with film, collage, and installation. Hofstad Gunnes was educated at Universität der Kunste, Berlin,  CCA Kitakyushu, Japan and Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway, where she received her MFA in 2004. Recent exhibitions include Momentum Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway, (2013); In the house of Mr and Mrs X, Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Germany, (2013); Paradoks, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, (2013); Bike and Bolex, WIELS Contemporary Art Center, Brussels, Baby Snakes Hatching. Ruins. Ruins, UKS, Oslo, Oh how time flies, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen (2011); Le choix du titre est un faux problème, Cneai de Paris, Paris (2011); Goddesses, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo (2010).

The City Hall is part of a series of works titled »One day all towers and spires will take off« and it presents the realisation of a fictitious prophecy. The towers and spires take off and disappear through the clouds, like rockets leaving Stockholm’s City Hall transformed.

Pontus Hultén

Hans Nordenström


En dag i staden 1956, 19:12

Pontus Hultén 1924-2006. Art-Historian. He is the former director of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Centre George Pompidou in Paris, and Palazzo Grasso, Venice.

Hans Nordenstöm 1927-2004. Professor in Design Methodology and Architecture, Gothenburg.

"A Day in the City is an urban symphony about the city and specifically about Stockholm in the fifties. Hultén has constructed a collage of images on the basis of the aesthetics of silent film and the montage technique of  Vertov and Ruttman.

The catalogue of Arbetsgruppen för film of 1971 described the film as the story of “the individualist moving through the incomprehensible city”.

A Day in the City moves between pure experimentation and humorous touches, poking fun at the labyrinths of bureaucracy. The fundamental feature of the film is, however, the "joy of discovery inherant in the medium," through which new filmic possibilities are explored."