Floating Pictures is a Stockholm based art production company creating site specific events in the public space, using projection technology, light installation, film and video art.

Floating Pictures explores new visualization and expressions through the possibility that ICT, projection technology and interactive media provides. Through collaborations with artists, researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of for example interactive technology, film and digital media as well as light- and projection technology we aim to create visually and artistically innovative exhibitions and events. Our main partners are Digital Art Center, DAC, at the Department for Computer Science at Stockholm University.


Floating Pictures started in 2013  as a video art festival called Floating Pictures Stockholm in the rigg of sailing ship S/Y Maria Sofia belonging to founder and Creative Producer Frida Wikström. Since then the name stuck but we have developed the type of events and installation that we create.  First and formost we now create interactive light art installation in the public space where audience participation is the key factor. Since the start we have collaborated with festivals, other production companies, communication agencies, city officials, schools and preschools both in Sweden and internationally. Continue reading “About”


Floating Pictures are aiming to create events, installations and projects which engage, surprise and include its participants. Looking at our public spaces as open canvases for everyone to get engaged in, we explore technology as a material which can make anyone into a creator and a change maker of our open spaces. Our projects are developed in collaboration with art producers, programers, urban planners, teachers and the public. Check out whites happening now and previous projects under the Projects tab.


Check out our new Childrens Nobel film

We are really proud to be launching the trailer for Barnens Nobel  (The Childrens Nobel). In the project, children have explored different Nobel prize winning innovations through painting  and texts. The children’s images and reflections have then been compiled into an animated audio-visual facade projection. The project had about 120 participating children. The film has english subtitles

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Our Team

Frida Wikström, Founder and Creative Producer, Floating Pictures

Ph: +46 735 448628

Email: frida(a)floatingpictures.se

Skype: frida.wikstrom1

Ingvar Sjöberg, Artistic Director, Digital Art Center, Stockholm university

Email: ingvar(a)dsv.su.se


Mårten Fellbom, Media technology consultant, Haven Concept  




Anna Viklund, Arts and culture producer, Mosaika

anna(a) mosaika.se


Ana Rodriguez Garcia, Teacher, Stockholms stad and Kindergartenhacks



Joakim Forslund, software developer, Pew Square 

joakim.fu (a)gmail.com

David Ersson, software developer, Pew Square